Furniture Tips: How To Choose A Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinets are getting to be a enjoy themselves when they showcase your best things and mementos to relatives and buddies, keep your entire dear treasures in one location to admire them in wonderment everyday, or protect your growing assortment of porcelain dolls out of your 5-year old.

Curio cabinets started as places to hold curios – defined inside the dictionary as curious or unusual objects of art or knickknacks and whatnots which are perhaps worth collecting for their oddity. This definition could, naturally, include silver spoons from Alaska, all assortments of wedding and christening favors, crystals, goggles from Africa and perchance even shrunken heads in the Amazons of Ecuador and Peru.

Nowadays, however, you may use curio cabinets for anything:

– Show off your family’s sporting interests by displaying your son’s bowling trophies beside your husbands autographed baseballs.

– House your priceless family heirlooms – like, great grandma’s turqoise and silver comb, grandpa’s golden pen, mum’s old sapphire brooch that you wore on the wedding day along with your son’s first baby photo.

– Or perhaps, protect from dust and grime the brass alto saxophone that you understand you’ll learn to play the one day inside your retirement years.

But how will you choose the curio cabinet that’s just made for you? Ask yourself the subsequent questions below and pay attention to how.

Tips regarding how to choose a curio cabinet

1. The first question it is best to ask with the purchase of a curio cabinet is: What kind of curios will I set up it? If this is a tall brass alto saxophone, you’ll need to receive a tall, traditional curio cabinet with fitted glass doors to hold the dust out with removable glass shelves to generate room for your chosen musical instrument.

2. How much light will there be at the spot in which you are going to place curio cabinet? Is it inside sunroom with plenty natural light or possibly it in a very dark corner of the property? If the latter you’ll need an illuminated cabinet to decorate the corner in addition to provide accent lighting for a displays.

3. How big a location do you have for ones curio cabinet?

– Is the space amply high and wide? Then you might want to secure a traditional, dark cherry curio cabinet with generous measurements of 44W x 17D x 79H inches.

– If narrower, after that more contemporary curio cabinet with practical urban living measurements of 24W x 12D x 76H inches could possibly be better.

– If low and wide including in a family area or den, after that golden oak console curio cabinet measuring 56W x 13D x 30H inches is most likely what you need.

– And if angled within a corner, you might want a curio cabinet that could be snugly placed in a very corner and doubtless measuring around 28W x 16D x 72H inches.

4. The other question must is – Do you intend to match the design of your curio cabinet using the other furniture within the room?

– If you intend to maintain a traditional look, then you may wish to choose from grand outdated designs with bevelling, hand-carved details and dark timber finishes.

– If the surrounding is contemporary, then you definitely might want the clean lines and lighter timber finishes of any more urbanized curio cabinet with a lot of mirror and glass.

5. What style of wood or non-wood suits you?

– If affordability is often a consideration and also you do not mind the design of MDF or engineered wood, you then might go with a curio cabinet created from strenghtened pressed particle board and topped with timber veneer or laminate.

– If you feel that an excellent wood curio cabinet feels like a good investment, then you ought to get a curio cabinet made on the more popular oak or maple – hardwoods which could only gain character and charm because they age.

6. And as a final point, precisely what is your budget?

– Are you ready to splurge using a Louis XV-inspired Pulaski curio cabinet selling for $2000 to be able to have a spectacular accent piece that could transform your entire family room experience?

– Or will you just want an effective wall curio cabinet – one available for $20 at ebay to place your dog figurine collection?

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