Online Mall to buy Crystal, Metaphysical, Gift & collectible products can be an illustrated online catalog which refers to variety of products that are exclusively seen in India. We are wanting to master the skill of providing our customers while using best quality product and service we can easily give them, you can observe them a you search through the pages of the extra ordinary products to match your extra ordinary taste.

Indian Arts Collection features top quality of authentic models like Crystal Ball, Crystal Pyramids, Crystal Pendants, Crystal Pendulums, Rock and Minerals, Ball Watch, Nautical Gift Products, Hour Glass, Brunton Compass, Brass Statues and selection of natural crystal products that is used for interior decor purpose or might be give just as one unique gift for ones loved once. We are content to offer you a various upscale, unique gift and decor in your home items. Browse our remarkable variety of whimsical and nostalgic gifts, something for each occasion and. Perfect for executive giving gifts, or as birthday or Christmas presents or to your own home decorating!

Crystal Ball

We here deal with assortment of natural crystal products for instance crystal balls which are made up of selection of crystals like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Hematite, Jasper, Sunstone, Calcite as well as other crystals. We have expertise our self and manage natural crystal products that happen to be exclusive and specially hand selected so that our customers receive the highest quality we can provide them possibly at an affordable rate making sure that they find the value for money

Ball Watch

The Ball Watch entirely on our site is really a unique time piece that has a round glass cover for the brass frame which is winding operated ball watch. This unique ball watch which is definitely an antique replica is surely an exclusive gift receive on any special occasion.

Rocks and Mineral

This Rocks and Mineral section contains a selection of specimen seen in Indian subcontinent. It includes rocks and mineral specimen including Agate, Roselite, Calcite, Apopholite, Range of Calcite Specimen, Crystal, Dogtooth, crystal with water bubble from it, etc. You will find here a number of the rarest rocks and minerals form India.

Nautical Gifts

The Nautical Gifts items on displayed on our portal is finely crafted, which resembles the art and antiques from the sea. We have lamps and optics composed of brass, giving, antique look even as we allow them to tarnish naturally Most on the above items is antique reproductions.

Our nautical items include cabin decor products, Ship wheels, diving helmets, Hour Glass, Navigation & Optics, Sextant, Ship Lamps, Etc are this type of piece of art who’s adds charm for a room decor & sensitiveness for your art of magnificent living and sooth your taste and personality.

Home Decor

Our portal delivers one with the best authentic Home Decor products situated on the internet. Browse through the web page and check out on your own the collection of interior decor products we devote front people. Each and every piece will see a unique destination to enrich your interior decorating skills and make your property lively.

Crystal Pendants and Crystal Pyramids and Crystal Products

We also provide crystal pendants which are of various sizes and shape which might be very rare to get. To increase our base of natural crystal products we also offer crystal pendulum, crystal pyramids, crystal heart pendants, amethyst pendants, etc. These crystals are exclusive pieces of art that are a unique gift that might be given in any occasion in your loved once.
We also deal in selection of other crystal stuff like crystal goods like pendants, merkaba, pendulums, crystal balls, crystal pyramid, crystal wands, crystal healing wand, crystal disintegrator, agate grapes, crystal figures, crystal Feng Shui products, crystal reiki products and selection of crystal home decorating products, etc.
We have selection of crystal pendants available for you like pencil pendants, heart pendants, stone pendants, merkaba pendant, etc. The different crystal pencil pendant we supply is amethyst crystal pencil pendants, crystal pencil pendants, rose quartz crystal pencil pendants, etc. Different heart pendant we supply is amethyst heart pendants, crystal heart pendants, rose quartz crystal heart pendants, aventurine heart pendants, etc.
The stone pendant we usually offer mostly agate, amethyst, rose quartz and clear crystal. Our large availability of crystal pendant likewise incorporate merkaba pendants of numerous crystals for instance amethyst merkaba pendants, crystal merkaba pendants, rose quartz crystal merkaba pendants, etc

Brass Statue

We have enriched our variety of brass statues and have selection of brass statues of Indian gods like Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Ram & Sita, Hanumanji, etc. We have also enriched our assortment of brass statues which includes laughing Buddha, statues of assorted animals, etc.

We are certainly not the best but try to be the very best online portal that can offer the best value crystal products, ball watch, crystal ball, crystal pyramids, brass statues, Nautical gifts, rocks and minerals, hour glass, crystal pendants and others products.

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