The Importance Of Themes In Living Room Decorating

What exactly is a concept? To make things simple let’s said this way. A theme are few things but a small grouping of design elements combined together and given a reputation.

Some from the common theme names we’ve got heard are
1) Contemporary theme
2) Oriental theme
3) Country theme

So a concept includes portions of decorating that handle a drastic difference in any given interior space. What these components can be? A theme might include colors, finishes, textures, specific shapes to be played with, budget restrictions, or possibly a material of only by a particular manufacturer.

Such a team of design elements when combined together gives birth into a “theme”. It is quite possible to add, delete, modify, alter, replace anybody or every one of the elements with this theme. It all will depend on what you like/dislike.

For example If I claim that a “contemporary design theme” does nor or must not include a specific color for ceiling within the living room, you’ve got total to modify the above statement making your own depending upon everything you like/dislike. So any design theme is often evolving and you’ll use “creativity” to provide birth to new themes.

But why don’t you consider the themes that happen to be already existing?

1) Contemporary design theme:

In these designs much emphasis has on “simplicity” and straight lines and forms. through the years theme says that your square within it self is really a beautiful and “balanced” entity hence most design elements on this theme are quite obvious forms made from straight lines.

Also plain colors using their shades are employed to create a “play” of light and shadows.

2) Oriental design theme:

In these kind of design most of surfaces are treated for “relief work” including textured plasters with heavy decorating, wallpapers, with decorating prints of natural elements for instance leaves, flowers, scenery. Surfaces are treated as an easy way of expression.

3) Country design theme:

In this theme increasingly more natural elements can be used for creating furniture as well as other elements. this is why more country houses have wooden furniture, wooden flooring, shutters, ceiling created from wood etc.

So wood is employed as a major language of expression.

While selecting theme for your living room area it is essential to first analyze whatever you like most along with the budget criteria. Once it really is been defined finding design elements that matches your design theme is comparatively easy. But one thing should be kept in mind that a family room is the face in your home. Once you decide or finalize the theme for your family area, it gets almost needed to use the same theme for rest on the room.

Of course this may not be an absolute rule ,but keeping perhaps the most common theme to your entire home allows you maintain a visual balance.

I hope this post was useful to everyone.

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